Welcome to the Cabarrus Genealogy Society!

On 30 Nov 2017, the Cabarrus Genealogy Society merged with Historic Cabarrus Association, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that also benefits the historic interests of Cabarrus County, NC. As of that date, the Cabarrus Genealogy Society, Inc. became a subsidiary of Historic Cabarrus Association, Inc.

The Cabarrus Genealogy Society and Historic Cabarrus complement one another in mission and operations. The Cabarrus Genealogy Society was formed in 1993. Through the contributions of many dedicated members, we have sought to raise the standards of genealogical research and education in Cabarrus County through programs, publications, and the preservation of materials of genealogical and historical value. Historic Cabarrus was formed in 1973 by local citizens who were passionate about the preservation and restoration of the Historic Cabarrus County Courthouse. Historic Cabarrus has since maintained a museum and archive with a mission to showcase Cabarrus County historical collections and to preserve historical materials, oral histories, and architecture.

This is a very exciting opportunity for both organizations. We now have a collaborative partnership in which to build membership, create programs and services, and publish materials, including an expanded version of our journal, The Cabarrus Golden NuggetOur mission and focus are still the same and we will continue to have regular monthly meetings featuring speakers on genealogy and Cabarrus County History. You will probably see some changes in the journal format and our branding, but our fee structure will not change for existing members and the services provided in the past will continue with the new organization. You may also wish to explore the programs and benefits offered by membership in Historic Cabarrus .

We still offer many books that have been published through the society and are available for purchase in the Publications section. Our library has a large and growing collection of genealogically related materials that will provide useful information about your ancestors.

Please join us at our monthly meetings and be sure to check out the blog which will regularly feature genealogy and local history stories. The blog will be linked to the Cabarrus Genealogy Society Facebook group page - be sure to "Like" us and request to join the group! 

Lastly, genealogy is no longer just collecting names and dates - it's also sharing your family stories! Noted speaker Judy G. Russell (the Legal Genealogist www.legalgenealogist.com), explains that if family stories are not documented, they will be lost within three generations - even if not completely lost, facts will get confused with family lore. Share your stories! You are invited to comment on the blog posts, make Facebook posts, or contribute stories to the journal. E-mail us at: cabarrusgenealogysociety@gmail.com.