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Using Headstone Applications to Research  Your Cabarrus Military Ancestors (Part of the following is excerpted from the article "Military Headstone Application,"  by George G. Morgan,  Family Tree Magazine , December 2017, p. 64.) Since March 3, 1873, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has furnished government headstones or markers for unmarked graves of deceased eligible veterans. At first, this applied only to burials of honorably discharged Union Civil War veterans in national military cemeteries. But on February 3, 1879, Congress extended the benefit to veterans interred in private cemeteries. In 1906, Congress authorized the furnishing of headstones for unmarked graves of Confederate soldiers. Veterans of all subsequent conflicts are eligible for the headstone benefit. Where a headstone already exists, applicants can request a medallion to attach. Dinson A. Caldwell, c. 1865. Photo courtesy of George Seitz. Applications for